The proprietary lattice work system is the standout rockstar in a symphony of innovation throughout the frame.  Each element of our frame’s structure is masterfully constructed by hand inside our facility located at the foot of the Wasatch mountains.  Our own blend of carbon fiber and carbon nanotube composites using Force Vector Fiber orientation combined with Ultra High Yield compaction techniques had to be cleared by the US Government for our use in bicycles. Instantly eye-catching, the intricate lattice work of Isotruss tubing is an integral part of the Vortex’s stellar performance.  Each tube is optimized for its specific task. Every tine thickness, node spacing, and helix angle is deliberate for the size in the frame, the forces and frequencies the bike may encounter.  It allows us to provide everything you need in a bike, and nothing you don’t.


    The unique, interlocked, uni-directional fiber orientation creates hundreds of compounded triangulated structures.  These structures are layered under high tension using top tier, weapons grade, carbon fiber to pre-load the tubing in every direction.  Much like high tension wires on a bridge this pre-stressed condition locks each facet against itself.  X-LOCK makes a solid platform instantly and efficiently transferring torque whether spinning through the miles or engaging a high-torque full sprint.


    Carbon bicycles that are stiff enough to sprint or climb are typically too harsh for long rides and handle cornering poorly while others that are built for comfort can feel vague and “numb” when trying to accelerate.  Both the Epitome and the Vortex are full carbon fiber, high performance race chassis that defy the rules.  X-Lock allows torque transmission while Force Vectoring Axial fibers are tuned for comfort without compromising responsiveness.


    Lightweight carbon laid into an enclosed structure propagates high frequency vibration that causes “fast-twitch” muscles to constantly counteract.  The hexa-decagonal shape allows unmatched torque transfer while dissipating high frequency road vibration.  Dissipating the vibration saves fast twitch muscles to reduce overall fatigue, and increase final sprint capability.


    There has been extensive efficiency testing throughout the design of Razik bicycles.  The angled latticework yields better aerodynamics head on and at most angles with a small increase of drag at some directions.  The most discernible advantages are found in crosswinds and gusty conditions.  While a bicycle contributes to only a small percentage of a rider’s wind drag, test riders were faster on a Razik.



    Our proprietary weapons grade carbon fiber and carbon nanotube integration has been cleared by the U.S.Government for use in our bicycles.  Simply put, the fiber we use and the way we use it can’t be had anywhere else.


     Cabling inserts through the lugs to engage stops that are removable if necessary for electronic, hydraulic, or full length housings.  The connecting lines are completely visible through the sections of latticework.  While the internal workings are completely accessible and visible, they seem to disappear behind the carbon spars as one cohesive symbiotic unit working as one with the bicycle.




    The Razik Epitome design blurs the line between short travel suspension and hardtail.  The Semi-Raised Chainstay coupled with the Continuously Curved Seatstays allow the rear axle a degree of vertical travel without compromising the performance of a hardtail.



    Typically, frames designed with compliance rob power with each pedal stroke and have the capability to flex the stays enough to drag against the tire.  By raising the interface of the chainstays in-line with the chain pull the compression forces of a highly leveraged chain are negated.  This allows vertical flex at the rear wheel without compromising power transfer. Additionally, by isolating and oversizing the bottom bracket, the tire doesn’t drag against flexing stays.



    The shape of the rounded seatstays allows vertical compliance while maintaining side to side rigidity.  The elegant curve that seamlessly joins the seatstays with the chainstays further dissipates any harsh impacts and allows for interchangeable dropouts.




    The dropouts on the Epitome are designed to be interchangeable adapting for either 29” or 27.5” wheels.  This allows a rider to select the optimal wheelset, bottom bracket height, and fork for the terrain and not be locked into one standard.


    To create strength between layers, properly oriented fibers optimally are compacted tightly together.  High tech, durable epoxies reinforced with carbon nanotubes bind this compaction together to reduce flex between the fibers.  The entire time and cost intensive process produces a part that is light, incredibly strong, and unrelentingly durable.


    Razik engineers painstakingly orient fibers during the layup process to counter forces created from riding.  Each layer has a specific primary focus of force to control and translate into power and performance.  By orienting the fibers in the direction of force the amount of fiber used can be reduced to produce the same strength.


    Taking advantage of the Force Vector Fiber orientation and Ultra High Yield compaction mated to the force optimized Isotruss structures meant leaving convention to build a steering structure capable of withstanding the severe forces both the Epitome and the Vortex can generate.  The tapered headlug uses an SIT headset commonly found on high force, high performance, long travel mountain bikes.


    The Epitome is available with a rigid, full-carbon fork from Contagion Cycling Components or any of the latest suspension fork options from Fox Racing and Rock Shox.


    The Vortex includes a full carbon tapered fork with sizing differences between frames or the option of others including disk mountable from Contagion, Whiskey, Enve and others that may be color matched to the frame.


    To maximize the cockpit rigidity the Epitome and Vortex accept an oversized 31.6mm seatpost.  This provides a solid platform that allows a rider to leverage their body against for more power and more control when needed.  The diameter is also capable of utilizing any of the popular height adjustable “dropper” posts.


The technology behind the Razik Epitome comes from years of experience combined with the best materials and unrelenting innovation.  It is built to be light, strong, adaptable, and very fast with the utmost control.  Whether it is rocketing up mountain singletrack, whipping through switchback corners, splashing through mud puddles, or conquering endless miles of epic trails, the Epitome isn’t afraid to get dirty as mud tends to flake off the small surfaces of the tines and what does happen to stick is easily hosed off like any other bike.  Fast to race, epic trail reliability, mantle-worthy beauty, you simply can’t pass the Epitome of mountain bikes.


The Razik Vortex is as at home hammering over mountain roads as it is hanging in a gallery.  It is art that inspires riding, and technology that rewards effort.  Whether setting KOMs or stealing the sprint finish, the power of the Vortex is inescapable.


* Razik Bicycles are designed, molded, prototyped, and tested using technology, labor, machining, and materials in Utah, USA.